Millwork Services

The following is a list of Milling Services using our top of the line milling equipment.

Straight Line Ripping

  • Diehl Rip Saws
  • Produce true straight line
  • Laser beams for accuracy and less waste
  • Excellent fast service with experienced staff

  • Newman 282 Planers
    with carbide tipped and helical heads for efficiency and quality.
Multi Ripping

  • Mereen-Johnson #312 Saw
  • Weinig Raiman
  • State of the art equipment for the most accuracy
Custom Moulding
  • Weinig (6 Head) Moulders
  • Accuracy for custom or architectural mouldings
  • Sanding available
Knife Grinding

  • Weinig Profile Grinders #950
  • Extremely accurate
Custom Profiles
  • CNC Template Cutter
  • Provide exact duplicate of any existing or new profile

  • Match existing or custom casings
  • Radius Jambs
Custom Glueing For Width
  • Special needs for boards
  • Custom stair treads
  • Sanding available
Delivery Service

We offer delivery service to our customers within our 9 state delivery area (AR, IA, IL, KS, MN, MO, NE, SD, WI).  For our LOCAL customers, we request a $100 minimum on all orders.  Next day delivery is available if the order is placed before noon.

If you are OUT-OF-TOWN, a $400.00 minimum order is requested. Orders must be placed before noon the day before the truck departs.